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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

5 Surprising Reasons to Let Your Tenants Keep Pets

Happy Tenants Playing with Their Dog in a Pet-Friendly Corpus Christi RentalThere are a lot of reasons why landlords should permit tenants to have pets in their rental units. When deciding to permit pets, most Corpus Christi property managers first think of benefits like being able to charge higher rent and pet deposits. Here are the top five reasons to allow your tenants to keep their pets!

1. Higher Property Values

Allowing tenants to keep pets is one of the best reasons to increase the value of your property. Research shows that pet-friendly properties appreciate at a greater rate than non-pet-friendly properties. Furthermore, pet-friendly features such as fenced yards and pet doors are frequently sought by property buyers. This can increase the value of a pet-friendly rental property.

2. Shorter Vacancies

Furthermore, allowing pets can increase the desirability of your property to prospective renters. A recent survey found that nearly half of all renters would be more likely to rent from a landlord who allows pets. Allowing pets in your rental property is likely to reduce the length of rental vacancies.

3. Fewer Repair and Maintenance Issues

Tenants with pets, contrary to popular belief, are less likely to cause damage to your property than tenants without pets. This is due to the fact that pet-owning tenants tend to be more responsible. Lots of pet-owning tenants are aware of the responsibilities that come with caring for a pet and are likely to treat their rental property with the same level of care.

4. Increased Security

Letting tenants keep pets is also beneficial to your property’s security. Studies indicate that properties with pets have lower rates of burglary, vandalism, and other crimes. This is likely because criminals are less likely to target a property with a pet present.

5. Improving Tenant Health

Finally, allowing tenants to keep pets can improve their health. Stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol have all been shown to decrease when people have pets. They can also help you get more exercise and social interaction. Tenants with pets tend to be healthier than those without pets for the reasons described.

There are multiple strong reasons to allow tenants to keep pets in your rental property. If you were on the fence about whether or not to allow pets, this list may have convinced you to give it a shot! Your tenants and your property will be grateful.

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